The Secret To More Ecommerce Profits With Less Guessing 
No Matter What Products You Sell Or How Big/Small Your Business Is!
Data Is The Secret Weapon Of All Successful Ecommerce Brands...
...But ONLY If You First Know How To
Collect It, Find It, Interpret It And Then Use It.
Tanner Larsson here and if you are on this page, it's because you realize the importance of building a business based on data.

And you are right.  It's not only important it is absolutely CRITICAL.

In fact, in my book, 'Ecommerce Evolved", I explain how it is impossible for a ecommerce business to grow or scale profitably without having access to and utilizing their data.

As I said both in the video and in the headline above...Data is our Secret Weapon.

And today, I want to GIVE our secret weapon to you.

With that said...
Here's What We're Going To Do For YOU...
In the video you just watched I explained the basics of what we are going to do for you in the GA + GTM service.  Thats the 10,000 foot view, and if you haven't watched it...go back and watch it now as it will give you the foundation for understanding the entire offer.

Below, you will find a breakdown (without being to techy) of the entire 22 Part Process that this service entails.  

The "magic" happens when all 22 pieces of this system are implemented and working together.  

Most businesses are lucky if they even have 1 of these implemented correctly...which means that most ecommerce business are actually Flying Blind!

But after today, you won't ever have to worry about flying blind in your business again.

Without further ado, here is the full 22 pieces we will implement in your business for you...
1. Google Analytics Health Check & Basic Set Up
(Click for full size image)
(Click for full size image)
We cross check your existing Google analytics setup and fix everything that was configured or setup incorrectly. We will make sure GA is recording accurate data. Accurate Data, is the secret weapon, not just Data.
Common mistakes:
Incorrect bounce rate, wrong pageviews tracking, payment gateway recording as the referral traffic, incorrect filters, incorrect custom segments, mismanaged URL parameters etc.

For new stores, we do the fundamental analytics setup and make sure that all data layers are reporting correctly from day one.
You will be able to track all traffic on your website from every source responsible.
2. Enhanced Ecommerce Set Up
(Click for full size image)
We set up your Google Analytics both on the site along with correct tagging to track and report all orders, revenue generated, products sold along with other analytical metrics critical for you to know how your store is performing at each level of the buyer journey.
The enhanced tracking enables your measurement of user interactions with specific products on your store across the user's shopping experience, including viewing product details, adding a product to a shopping cart, initiating the checkout process, transactions, and revenue generated. We will give you all these behaviors on one page, in the “Shopping Behaviors” tab.

3. Custom Events Set Up
(Click for full size image)
Custom Google Analytics events will give you the ability to track every click on your site. You will use these to analyze your visitor's behavior on your site. Such as how many clicked on the add to cart button, or a specific navigation button, newsletter subscribers etc. 

You can then compare the actions with the conversions for each event. This data will allow you to remove anything not being used or things that don’t promote the actions you wish them to take. It will be like you taking a gun to a knife fight with your competitors.

4. Goals Set Up
(Click for full size image)
We will implement enhanced e-commerce tracking to record all sales(conversions). With the ecommerce stores, we also use goals to measure other critical actions. We call those secondary conversions, like subscribing for monthly sales, creating an account, stayed more than 5 minutes, submitted any particular form etc. Sites are contextual, so these are based on your individual store's needs.

Later, we can use those goals to create remarketing audiences, example use: Visitors who clicked on add to cart but didn’t purchase.
5. Funnel Tracking
(Click for full size image)
There is a certain number of steps visitors will have to take in order to give you money or complete any goal. We can have a funnel for each destination type goal in Google Analytics to Determine what steps are causing customers confusion or trouble.

This step is not just for actual "funnels" as the sales flow of your "Store" also acts as a funnel and needs to be tracked the same way to allow you to find and stop leaks.

6. Custom Demographics Set Up
(Click for full size image)
If you buy traffic, it is essential to know about your exact audience, and who responds to your products. We set up custom demographics segments of your audiences just for this reason.

You will be able to drill down and compare all the demographic data from the different platforms and traffic sources. Then you can target the best-performing ones for your paid ads. 
7. Site Search Tracking Set Up
(Click for full size image)
Whenever people search on your store, we will know what keywords they used to look for what they wanted after landing.

You can use those to improve navigation, using most searched products, also use those keywords to create blog posts if search results are 0 for any of those keywords. You can use this information to identify what problems they are looking for a solution to.
8. Google Analytics Data Refinement & Filters Setup
(Click for full size image)
Once set up we will go through your Google Analytics account with a fine tooth comb to ensure all your data is reporting correctly and to ensure that it is as accurate as can be.

Common things we will fix are: Eliminating you and your team’s interactions with your store from the data, making sure payment gateways and 3rd party hosted checkouts pass the UTMs and referral data correctly into your GA data. All of these things left unchecked cause skewed data and create poor decisions.
9. Custom Channel Set Up
(Click for full size image)
Google analytics auto tags the most popular traffic source like search engines, social channels, and referral traffic. But on many occasions, we need to set up custom channels like for Facebook ads traffic, affiliate marketing, any third party blog if we are buying traffic and want to track separately.

We set up these custom channels for you, which enable you the ability to analyze each traffic source separately. You can double down on what is working, and remove what is not performing.
10. Custom Segments Setup (Excluding Demographics)
(Click for full size image)
We will analyze your marketing strategies or goals, then create the most valuable segments. This way you will make decisions on only specific segments of your traffic. For example, if you want to see Shopping Behavior for Facebook Paid ads traffic, or for any particular paid campaign, or any email campaigns. (Klaviyo triggered flows).

These custom segments allow optimization of your campaigns without the need to do manual calculations.
11. Custom Alerts Set Up
(Click for full size image)
With custom alerts set up for anything unusual happening on your store, like sudden increases in 404 pageviews, decrease in landing page traffic, recording of spam etc.

Google analytics will trigger an email immediately and notify of these occurrences.
12. Custom Reporting Configuration
(Click for full size image)
We will create and set up GA to deliver automated reports to you and your team via email. These reports will be custom created to show you your most important KPI ’s you need, displayed in a format you can use.

You can get these reports daily, weekly, monthly or any combination therein.
13. Video Engagement Tracking Setup
(Click for full size image)
If you use videos on your store, or in your advertising we will set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track how your visitors interact with your videos. What types of engagement and interaction result in increased sales or conversions.

On many occasions the same video will perform differently on different pages, we can use this data to optimize their effectiveness.
It doesn’t matter which platform you host your videos on, we will set up your tracking for them.
14. 3rd Party Landing Pages Tracking Setup
(Click for full size image)
If you have landing pages on Unbounce, ClickFunnels, or Zipify (Shopify app) and the transaction is completed on Shopify, Carthook, or OCU. This will allow you to track your sales, conversions, AOV and key metrics all the way back to each of the possible pages your visitors land on.

In E-commerce many of your sales and some of your best customers do not come from people landing on the page you are promoting. This reporting will show you what those other pages are. 
15. Cross Domain Tracking Setup
(Click for full size image)
When you have more than one website or domain involved in your sales or promotion process, blogs, Carthook, Clickfunnels, etc, you will be able to view your data flow in google analytics as a cohesive, uninterrupted flow from start to finish.

Without this, you would lose data and the ability to accurately calculate metrics each time the domain/URL changes.
16. Campaign Optimization Reports Setup
(Click for full size image)
You will be able to track all of your marketing, promotions, email and ad campaigns from within your Google Analytics account and cross-reference your marketing with all the other data points and metrics available inside your GA account.

This will tell you exactly how each campaign is performing across each of your KPI’s.
17. Custom Attribution Model Setup
(Click for full size image)
By Default Google Analytics works on last click attribution model. We can create a few more and assign the distribution credit correctly to all traffic sources so that you will know exactly where your sales and conversions are coming from…and where they are not.

Note: In normal GA report you will always see data with last attribution model but you can compare with other models within > Attribution Model.
18. Custom Link Tags Setup
(Click for full size image)
We will use Google Tag Manager to track and differentiate all important links, buttons and clickable images on your site and create automated reports that will track the exact number of clicks, orders, traffic and other key metrics from each of these sources.
19. Site Speed Reporting Setup
(Click for full size image)
Google Analytics started recording site speed data with the basic setup. In cases of high traffic on the website, GA usually shows site speed based on 60-70% visitors behavior.

We will configure your Google Analytics account to track and report on your site speed based on 100% traffic. This will be done throughout your entire site, including individual pages so you can optimize the correct areas and pages on your store more effectively.
20. Custom Reporting Dashboards For Your Team
(Click for full size image)
For many people looking at normal Google Analytics reports is like trying to understand a foreign language. If you can't understand it, then you can't use it.

Therefore, we build you custom analytics dashboards using Google Data Studio to show you your most important metrics and data in a visual and easy to use format.
21. Low Hanging Fruit Optimization Recommendations
(Click for full size image)
Once we have all the GTM Tags set up on your site and have data flowing into your Google Analytics account correctly.

The BGS team will analyze the data coming in to find all the low hanging fruit changes we can make to increase your sales and conversions immediately. (this is basically Instant ROI on your investment)
I Know That Was A Lot To Read,
And Your Head Is Probably Spinning,
But That Ain't All...
22. We Will Train You And Your Team 
As awesome as this service is, it will do you ZERO good, if you don't know how to use what we built for you!

That's why, included with this service is 4, One Hour Long Training Sessions with the BGS Data team to teach you and your staff how get the most out of your data. 

We will show you how to find, sort and analyze the various types of data inside your Google Analytics account and we will show you and/or your team how to navigate your way around all the different aspects of your GA account to find what you need to make smart business decisions.

All calls are video calls that are recorded in HD that you can download.  Just you and your team an you can pick when you want to use the calls....1 each week, 1 each month, 1 per quarter, it's up to you. Use them as you need them.
This Is A White Glove,
Done For You Service!

You have enough to do in your business already! The best part about this service is that YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING.

This is a completely white glove, 100% done for you service.
All we need from you is for you to set us up with access to your sites, and we'll do the rest.

The rest is 100% turn key.  

When it comes back to you, it will be all set up, you'll know exactly what to do to implement the Low Hanging Fruit Optimizations to instantly ROI on your investment and then we'll train you and your team to use the system to keep optimizing your business long term.
What People Are Saying About The BGS Google Analytics Service...
...But You May Be Wondering...
Why In The Heck Are We Offering This To You?
Fair question, especially since we typically only offer this service as a special Event Only Offer at our BGS LIVE Events.

So, let me explain with a super quick video...
As With Any 'Real', Special Offer,
It Is Also Extremely Limited...
As I said above we normally only sell this package at our BGS Live event.

That is because it's a very intense offering that takes a lot of our teams time to deliver on for each customer.

Last year at our 2018 event, we sold & fulfilled 35 GA+GTM packages, and we've got this down to a system.  

We know exactly what it takes to deliver on this service to you.

And with our known upcoming constraints...
  •  Prepping & Marketing the 2019 BGS Live event
  •  Onboarding 4 new Amplified Partnership Stores
  •  Optimizing Existing Partner Stores
  •  Paying Our Excess Tax Bill On Time
...We know that we can only handle a specific number of new GA+GTM packages and still deliver awesomely to all our clients.

This Special Offer Is Limited To
The First 10 2 Customers ONLY!

This offer and page will be pulled down as soon as we fill all 10 spots.

We also reserve the right to pull down this offer at any time, for any reason, no matter how many spots are left.

This is how we guarantee that we can always deliver to our customers what we promise as well as deliver it on time.

With that said...
You Have 2 Options For Investing In The Done For You Google Analytics Package...
Let me start by saying, we know there are companies out there selling their own "google analytics" services...some of them are good and some of them are bad.  But they all are asking for ridiculous sums of money based on what they are giving you.

One of our Ecom Insider members Krista White, paid a company $30,000 to set up her Google Analytics...and all they did was screw it up and she had to come to us to fix it.

Another well known "GA Company" charges $12,500 upfront, PLUS $5,000 per month to "manage your data and reporting".

Thats NUTS!  After we are done setting up and configuring your Google Analytics account, create your custom visual dashboards and we train you and your team to use it...there is NO reason to pay ANYONE to "manage your data" or "Generate Reports" for you.

Our setup will do all that for you, and you'll know exactly how to find what you need.

And for that reason we have priced our GA package accordingly and in a way that won't break the bank either.
Your 2 Payment Options:
  1 Payment of $7,500.00
  2 Payments of $4,250.00
         (1 payment today and 1 payment in 30 days)
Only 10 2 Total Packages Available. 
(Payment Buttons Are At The Bottom Of Page.
Click Here To Skip Ahead To Payment Section)
And Now That You've Seen The Entire Offer...
Let Me Blow You Away With This
One-Time-Only Special BONUS...

As you heard me explain in the above video, we need to raise some additional cash FAST. 

And while this is already an insane offer, we want to make it an absolute NO-BRAINER offer that gets you to grab it now, and also to REWARD YOU with extra money-making awesomness for helping us out when we need it.

Therefore, when you invest in our Google Analytics Package Today, you will also receive...
Our $3,000 Automated
Email Campaign Package

Installed In Your Klaviyo Account And Optimized By Our Email Team! 
Dollar for dollar Automated Email Marketing is the single best marketing channel you can leverage in your business…bar none!

On average it returns $43 for every $1 invested!

And our 7 Core Automated Email Campaigns generate an average of 15% to 20% of our stores total revenue...
Yet the MAJORITY of the stores we come in contact with barely have a good cart abandonment campaign, much less a full sequence of campaigns.

So, since we are going to be in the back end of your store anyway doing all the Google Analytics Work, it's the perfect time to have our team build you out a complete set of Automated Email Campaigns to make you even more money.

We sell this email campaign package for $3,000 every day, and we've never given it away for free before...and we probably won't do it again.

The only reason we are doing it now, is as an extra thank you to everyone who helps us raise the funds we need by investing in this special offer.

So, this is your chance!

Here's a breakdown of the 7 Core Campaigns we will install and optimize for you...

1. Primary Abandon Cart Sequence

This is the main email sequence sent out to visitors who abandon your shopping cart. This campaign will recover 18% to 25% of your abandoned carts. 

2. Repeat Customer Abandon Cart Sequence

This is a specialty abaondon cart sequence only for people who have already purchased from you before. They are a higher value audience and need to be treated differently. This campaign generates 3X the return of a normal abandon cart campaign

3. First Time Customer Sequence

This campaign is designed to indoctrinate your new customers and get them to purchase again as fast as possible. This campaign typically increases repeat customer rate by 17% or more.

4. Exit Offer - Buy Or Die Sequence

This email campaign is specifically for capturing and converting traffic that is bouncing or exiting your store without purchasing.  This sequence combined with an exit intent app like Wheelio gets 21% of exit traffic to opt-in and then converts 19% of the people on that list into customers...AUTOMAGICALLY.

5. VIP Customer Campaign

Your best customers are the ones that spend the most and buy the most it only makes sense that you have a special campaign just for those customers. On average this campaign increases the value of your VIP customers by 2X.

6. Repeat Customer Sequence

Once a customer has purchased from you a 2nd time, their likelyhood of purchasing from you again increases by 54%...but only if you nurture them and properly encourage them to keep buying from you.  This campaign will help you add 2 to 3 extra purchases to all of your repeat customers.

7. Customer Winback Campaign

Old customers that haven't purchased in a long time are not necessarily dead.  They just need to be encouraged properly to come back and start buying again. This campaign does exactly that completely on autopilot!
100% Automated Campaigns
So, When You Act Today And Grab One Of The 10 Available Done For Your Packages, You Will Also Get The $3,000 Automated Email Campaign Package As A Bonus For FREE!
This Special Offer Will Not Last Long And Will Not Be Repeated...
Secure Your Done For You Package and Bonus NOW...
ONLY 10 2 Packages Available!
Here's Everything You Are Getting Today:
  •  Done For You 22 Part Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager Package
  •  Custom Visual Dashboards For You And Your Team
  •  4 - One Hour Long Private Training Sessions with Our Team
  •  BONUS:  Done For You Automated Email Campaigns With All 7 Campaigns
Choose Your Payment Option:
  1 Payment Of $7,500.00
  2 Payments Of $4,250.00
         (1 Payment today and 1 Payment in 30 days)
Due to this being a done for you service of this training and the special offer, there are NO REFUNDS on this offer. You Buy, It's Yours, NO Returns or Refunds!
Frequently Asked Questions...
What If My Store/Site Is Not Ready Yet?
This is not a problem at all.  If you are working on a new store or making changes to your existing store, you can still buy the package now at the special offer price AND get the bonuses.

Then just email us at [email protected] and let Christina know that you bought the package, but that you are not ready to use it yet.

We will keep your order on file and whenever you are ready, just let us know and we will get your store on the schedule.

Many of our customers take this option, as they know they need it, but also need to wait till their store is ready.
Can I Save My Training Calls For When I Need Them?
Yes you can.  With this package we are giving you a total of 4, one on one calls with our team to train you on how to use your data package.

When your install and setup is complete, we want you to schedule your first call with us right away, so we can show you everything we did and get you started on the right foot.

But your other 3 calls can be used whenever you need them.  Save them for as long as you like.
ONLY 10 2 Spots Available!
Don't Wait...
What Is The Turn Around Time?
From the time we start working on your store the entire process usually takes between 3 to 5 days for most stores. If there is extra complexity on your store, it might take as long as a week.

Please note, that this is a first come first served special offer. We will be doing the work in the order the packages are received, so if you are the last one to buy the package, then you will have to wait your turn.
What Ecommerce Platforms Do You Support?
Technically we can do the GA+GTM install on any ecommerce platform that uses PHP as the programming language, but the platforms we have the most experience and are comfortable with are:

- Shopify
- Click Funnels
- WooCommerce
- Prestashop
- Magento
- Big Commerce
- Opencart
- Ultracart

Any of the above platforms we can do the Data Install On.
What If I Don't Use Klaviyo For Email Marketing?
This is only related to the special "Automated Email Campaign" BONUS.

Our email team can only do the Done-For-You installation of the 7 campaigns on sites that use Klaviyo for their email marketing.

If you use a different email marketing platform, we will provide you with all the emails flows and pertinent details for each one so you can still use them on your email platform. A call with our email expert will also be provided to explain how the campaigns work in more detail to ensure you will be able to use them.
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